Need to STOP stress now?

Step 1  Remove yourself from the stressful situation, if possible. Take a walk, go to a quiet spot, if that’s not possible go to step two or do any of the steps that feel comfortable. Step 2  Make a positive decision.  Very very slowly say to yourself: “I want to calm down”, very slowly: “I […]

Twelve steps to less stress now

 The basics Go to bed in time to get three hours sleep Eat three healthy meals every day – if you have no appetite make them small Get 30 minutes of hard exercise per day Be realistic Set a small goal that you can achieve today Be practical about how much you can get done […]

Stress intelligence in the 21st century

What you should know about stress and how to use it intelligently What is stress intelligence? Busting the stress myths Why stress is bad for you and what to do about it How to control stress, before it controls you Make stress work for you with StressAce What to do about stress Why stress can […]