Marketing Consultant

Thank you very much for your StressAce technique. It has only been three weeks since I had my first session and my world is a different place. Three weeks ago I struggled to get out of bed in the morning and felt stressed most of the day, leaving me completely drained by the evening and often I felt frustrated with my inability to take action on things I knew needed to be done. These kinds of feeling have plagued me on and off for years.

After my first session working on my bitter feelings and lack of initiative, I felt something major shift in me, my energy levels returned, I found I could consistently focus on getting things done, allowing me to accomplish tasks that I would previously have avoided.

Surprisingly I found myself doing more around the house and spending a greater amount of time with my daughter without any effort. In the last three weeks it has become almost impossible to access those old unhelpful feelings and I feel very confident that I have made a significant and permanent change in myself.

Your process has truly made a difference to my life. Thank you.

Bruce Carter, 39 years-old, Marketing Consultant


Before I came to see you every decision, big or small, was hard work for me. Every thought was hard work because it had a certain amount of fear and stress attached to it. It was a battle to live.

I can say StressAce has been the best thing for me. Six months on from the initial sessions, the difference is phenomenal, not just in one aspect, but every aspect of my life. I have more energy. I have more focus. I’m more conversational with people and I’m more willing to take other people’s opinions on board, as well as express my own. It has been an overwhelming and exciting experience to feel my passion for life come back.

There’s definitely also a clarity of thought that I didn’t have before. With bigger decisions, my mind is more focused on what’s really important. I get to sleep better. I’ve probably never been physically, as well as mentally, fitter in my whole life than I am now and I’m much happier.

There’s more purpose in my life. It’s more focused on where I want to be in five years rather than where I want to be in the next five minutes. I feel very good about myself. And there’s an excitement in the sense that I know I can take this further as well. I’m looking forward to future sessions.

Paul Lourenson, Executive

Mortgage Broker

I have being using StressAce techniques for seven years now, initially to assist me with anxiety and depression. The process has other benefits and I also use it to bring myself into the present. I am a finance and business broker and quite often I need to ‘sell the deal’. Prior to an important meeting, I use sensory integration to bring myself into present time and my focus improves immediately.

I do it almost anywhere – mainly in my car, sometimes in a café. It takes me just a few minutes, maybe five at the most, after which, no matter how stressed I may have been prior, when finished I am relaxed, centred and a much better listener in the meeting. I am sure I have achieved better outcomes as a result, by being able to focus on what is important in that meeting.

Robin Richardson, 63 years-old, Mortgage Broker