StressAce Yoga – the new trend for natural stress control

Why StressAce Yoga?

StressAce Yoga immediately relieves stress and builds lasting and natural stress control. It is a specialized yoga that gives us the confidence to face life’s challenges by lowering our stress levels. With a combination of traditional yoga practices with StressAce, a body and mind technique for reducing stress, StressAce Yoga is a powerful antidote to stress.

Too much stress can be harmful to health and may lead to stress symptoms, such as tension, pain, irritability, insomnia, headaches, low immunity causing coughs and colds, depression or addictions. StressAce Yoga can assist to prevent the negative effects of stress.

Join our StressAce Yoga classes

Experience deep relaxation with a special combination of breathing, movement, mental activities and sensory exercises for vision, hearing, balance, muscle tone and touch. StressAce Yoga exercises are gentle and easy to do, even for beginners.

Join Dr Ella MacDonald for StressAce Yoga classes in Memphis Tennessee, USA.

Fridays:  6pm – 7.15pm
Venue: 699 Oak Leaf Office Lane, Suite 106 Memphis, Tennessee 38117

Saturdays:  11.45am – 1pm
Venue: 699 Oak Leaf Office Lane, Suite 106, Memphis, Tennessee 38117

Sundays:  6pm – 7pm
“Sea of bliss” StressAce Meditation
Venue: 699 Oak Leaf Office Lane, Suite 106, Memphis, Tennessee 38117

Private classes are scheduled by appointment
All classes require a reservation. Classes kept small for personal attention.

For further details or bookings please call Dr Ella MacDonald on 9014578895 (USA) or email

StressAce Yoga testimonials

“StressAce Yoga gives me peace of mind, calms me after  a stressful work day and I stay in that peaceful place.”
Allison Smith

“StressAce Yoga has helped me release old patterns of depression and low back pain.’”
Julie Ames

“I have practiced yoga and meditation most of my adult life and they all are good, but if I stop practicing the stress comes back.

StressAce Yoga is different – it calms me and I stay in that peaceful place.”

Fiona Kris

Become a StressAce Yoga instructor

Offer your students rapid relief from stress with StressAce Yoga

We are currently seeking new StressAce Yoga instructors in your area.

Would you like to join us? We have training programs for qualified yoga instructors.

  • FREE PREVIEW – Introduction to StressAce Yoga. Discover how StressAce Yoga can benefit your student
  • DISCOVER STRESSACE YOGA  – A hands on experience of the power of StressAce Yoga (4hr workshop)
  • LEVEL 1 – Learn the theory, research and applications of StressAce (12hrs of online audio lectures)
  • LEVEL 2 – Practical training (20hrs)
  • LEVEL 3 – Practical training (18hrs training)

Discover StressAce Yoga

A hands on experience of the power of StressAce Yoga (4hr workshop)

Level 1

Level 1 gives you the facts – learn about the research, theories, applications, advantages and benefits of Affect Regulation Therapy, the method that underpins StressAce Yoga. Level 1 is a 12 hour online audio lecture program that can be completed in your own time.

Level 2

In Level 2 you master the practical skills of StressAce Yoga. You learn to use StressAce Yoga with your students, so they may get the immediate benefits of stress release.

Level 3

Level 3  teaches you more advanced skills to assist students who attend yoga classes regularly for longer periods and who wish to  work at a more indepth level on personal development.

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