StressAce is the brainchild of Anca Ramsden, a clinical psychologist with over 30 years experience.  Anca has a long history of with working initially with children.  Through many years of studying a range of techniques from different schools of thought and through a vast body of experience she created StressAce.


“When I started to integrate StressAce techniques into my psychology practice I was astounded by what I discovered. The program that I had created produced real results for my clients that were sustainable.

StressAce allows one to harness the power of stress to become one’s best survival tool. This skill is called stress intelligience.

Through observing the positive shift in my clients after StressAce, I have come to realise what an insidious force stress is and how if unchecked it can progress into chronic tension, anxiety and depression. Stress has a debilitating effect on performance and prevents you from achieving your goals – be they in career, work, life or relationships.

I have been a practicing psychologist since 1981 and in that time I have seen hundreds of clients and I thought I knew a lot about stress and anxiety. But I discovered the changes in my clients using the StressAce technique were dramatic and immediate. And what’s more, it was easy for them.

The critical thing about stress is you can’t take positive action while you are in the stressed states of fight, flight or freeze. That’s how I came to understand that you have to clear up the stress first. The reason is that stress shuts down the brain’s rational and creative problem-solving centres, stress makes us more irrational, aggressive, anxious and even inactive. This is why you must always clear up stress before you start a project or work on goals.

The StressAce stress release technique stems out of my work over twelve years at Child and Family Units in hospitals in South Africa where I was part of a multi-disciplinary treatment team that used psychological and neurological child development principles and it is a similar range of holistic methods that I use in treatment today.”