Seminars and keynotes

Do you wish to learn more about the hidden impacts of stress on your life?  Or the fascinating concept of stress intelligence?  Would you like to harness the power of stress?

We run group seminar on stress management using StressAce.    We can also tailor a presentation and topic to suit your needs.

Our topics include stress in the workplace, personal development, health, performance, sport, education and training, family and work relationships.  We also cover specific industries, including aviation, law and justice, mining, the public sector and retail. Contact us for a tailored seminars and or keynote address.

Topic guideline:

Introduction to StressAce – 90 minutes

  • Conquer Stress – discover the value of stress intelligence
  • Discover StressAce Golf and lift your game! 

Stress intelligence in the 21st century

  • What you should know about stress and what you can do about it

What is stress intelligence? Busting the stress myths

  • Why stress is bad for you and what to do about it
  • How to control stress, before it controls you
  • How you can make stress work for you
  • How stress affects your relationships and what to do about it
  • Why stress can kill friendships and relationships
  • How stress affects your mind, your performance and your health

Why StressAce is an essential life skill

  • Why it works, how it works and how to use it for particular situations

Stress intelligence in the workplace

  • How to use stress intelligently
  • Why stress undermines work performance, health and the bottom line
  • How to harness good stress to motivate and inspire the team
  • Dealing with common and unusual stressors in the workplace
  • How stress affects workplace relationships
  • Preventing stress in the workplace

StressAce for good mental health

  • The role of stress in mental health disorders
  • The value of stress reduction in the management of mental health disorders
  • How StressAce can prevent stress and the benefits for general mental health
  • The value of StressAce for specific mental health conditions

Health and happiness

  • How stress affects your health and what to do about it
  • Why stress reduction is essential for good mind health
  • Ageing, mind health and stress
  • How StressAce can support faster recovery from ill health
  • How StressAce can support weight loss
  • How StressAce can help you to stop smoking

Education and Training

  • How StressAce can be used for faster learning and better results
  • Why StressAce improves mental skills, such as comprehension, memory and communication
  • Why StressAce leads to a love of reading and better reading skills
  • Why StressAce improves creativity
  • Why StressAce can improve public speaking
  • Techniques to avoid the negative effects of stress on learning


  • Why stress intelligence is essential to peak performance
  • Why StressAce can raise your stress tolerance to the next level
  • How to break through stress barriers to improve speed and coordination
  • How to maintain peak performance under pressure
  • How StressAce can prevent burnout during competition

StressAce keynotes, lectures and workshops can be tailored for your group. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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