5 Unusual Ways to Reduce Stress Now!

Stress is a common term, everywhere we go we hear it used. Everyone seems to be ‘stressed’ in one way, or another.

Sometimes stress can be beneficial; when we experience stress we get an increase in adrenalin, and this helps us to perform at our best when, for example, we have an important presentation to give or exam to take. It can also be helpful when we need to act quickly in times of danger.

But mostly, the stress we experience doesn’t need the adrenalin rush. Unfortunately, our body doesn’t recognise this and our often busy lives can make it tough to escape daily stresses of ‘too many tasks to do and too much information to handle. ‘

So, how can we reduce some of that unnecessary stress so that we feel calmer and ready to handle to world?

Here are some unusual ways to reduce stress and feel happier:

1. Find your bendy, giggly self!

Yoga could be a great way to release some of the stresses and strains of the day. But yoga doesn’t need to be all about humming and being bendy if you don’t want it to be!

A fairly new trend is something called laughter yoga! Now, this doesn’t involve stand-up comedians performing whilst you do the downward dog, laughter is a bodily function, and it’s something that is experienced through yogic movement. Laughter in itself is great therapy but when it’s combined with another great stress reliever, yoga, it can have extra benefits.

Learn more about the benefits of laughing through yoga. And, if you like what you read, and want to gain more knowledge of yoga and it’s benefits, join our StressAce Yoga Facebook Page!

2. Bring some colour to your life!

It’s well known that colours can affect our mood. When the weather is grey and dull outside, many of us automatically feel less positive about the world. When it’s bright and sunny, we feel like a million dollars!

If you consider the more contrived colours you see around you, it’s no coincidence that hospital wards are often painted light green since green is a calming colour representative of nature and all things natural. You will often find blue gyms too, since its been shown that weight lifters can lift more when surrounded by the colour blue.

Your colour therapy can range from a change in scenery by getting yourself out of the house and finding some green space, to painting your house and changing your own space! If you can, take a holiday and find some new surroundings, preferably something green or blue if you feel stressed. Or a little orange if you need to find some creativity! Learn more about colour therapy here.

3. Dance around your kitchen!

This is one of my favourite things to do. When I get stressed, I put on my favourite music, and I dance in my own’ impressionistic style’ around my kitchen. You don’t need to be a great dancer, it’s just a good fun way to release your stress. I guarantee you’ll crack a smile; it’s very freeing – you will decrease that ‘emotional pressure cooker’ feeling and get a real lift. Give it a try!

4. Keep a journal

This may seem an unimaginative way to reduce stress, but think about the things you could write… it’s often those things that you want to say but feel you can’t! A journal is one place you can be truly honest with yourself and your feelings.

A journal doesn’t need to be boring; you can pick any book or pad you like. It can be a plain black inconspicuous number or a brightly coloured geometric print like mine! You could even create your own colour using a picture or drawing that makes you feel at ease or happy. You could also share your journal with the world via a blog. Who knows, you might even get a following and become a known writer!

You can be as imaginative as you like. Journals don’t need to stop with words; you can use pictures to show what you think and feel. This is especially simple if you have a blog; snap away with your phone, upload the photos and write about your thoughts.

Of course, you can also create a private blog – you don’t need to share your deepest thoughts and feelings if you don’t want to. That’s the beauty of a journal; it’s yours to do whatever you want with.

5. Try some coaching

Are you struggling with something specific in your life, perhaps at home or work and you can’t quite grasp the best way to handle it? Sometimes just talking it through your problems with an impartial person can help to support you through these tough times. Try talking to a coach or therapist. Finding a good coach can be tough, so shop around or try taking a StressAce session or two to help you to regain control of your struggles. StressAce can give you fast and effective relief from your stress even after one session.

Stress doesn’t have to be stressful, reducing stress can be fun, and there are many different remedies to try. So, with a positive outlook and following a few of these top tips your stress can be reduced in no time and you can back to feeling bright and happy again.