5 Unusual Ways to Reduce Stress Now!

Stress is a common term, everywhere we go we hear it used. Everyone seems to be ‘stressed’ in one way, or another. Sometimes stress can be beneficial; when we experience stress we get an increase in adrenalin, and this helps us to perform at our best when, for example, we have an important presentation to […]

Become Your Body’s Best Friend 

By Ella MacDonald In my own experience StressAce Yoga has changed my relationship with my body in a powerful way –  I have befriended my own body.I used to push  myself and wonder what I was doing wrong, and why I did not feel like I wanted to really feel or experience my body. I have been […]

Stress Release Technique To Enhance Performance

What is stress?

Psychological stress is, quite simply, a defensive reaction. When we feel defensive our brain automatically tells our body to produce adrenaline to give us extra energy and physical strength to fight or flee. This is called the fight or flight or freeze stress reaction and this defense reaction was researched by neuroscientist Walter Cannon in […]

Am I stressed?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any one of the questions below, you could benefit from reducing your stress levels with StressAce I am over-reacting to situations I feel irritable for no reason I worry a lot I frequently feel tired and unmotivated I rarely feel happy I am forgetful I need caffeine, alcohol or drugs […]

Why stress can rob athletes of success.

The biggest problem athletes face, is that no matter how fit and prepared they may be for an event, they can never be 100 percent certain that they will be performing at their best during that  event..The reason is that the stress of pressure on the field harms performance. And the best way  to insure […]