Veronica van Nierop

Veronica van Nierop B.Sc, D.C, M.NLP, StressAce Coaching Consultant.

For the first twenty years of her career, Veronica worked in the health care fields of clinical chiropractic and traditional Chinese Acupuncture, was a lecturer at Macquarie University and on the Board of examiners for the Sydney College of Chiropractors. Since 2000 Veronica’s interest in the links between physical health and mental stress states, led her into the areas of Neuro-Emotional technology and StressAce Training.

Veronica holds a degree in Science from the University of NSW, is a Master Practitioner in NLP and has post graduate qualifications in Neuro- Emotional Techniques, Foundational psychology, and StressAce Training.

She delivers programs for clients wanting to improve the quality of their emotional lives, gain Emotional and Personality Maturity, or simply want to thrive rather than merely survive in their stressful lives. Veronica also works with high Achieving individuals, for stress management, performance development and life work balance. Veronica is an international speaker and trainer in the StressAce coaching method.