Do you wish to develop your personality to it’s full potential?

StressAce builds stress intelligence, a unique combination of mental fitness, emotional maturity and physical endurance.

StressAce is available as personal face to face consultations. Choose from one of our programs below to suit your needs.


Solutions for your unique situation

We help clients through a range of personal challenges.  Do you want to:

  • achieve goals that seem out of reach
  • make quality decisions
  • cope with big life changes
  • recover from stress, trauma and burnout
  • manage anxiety, depression and specific mental health conditions
  • improve challenging relationships – in marriage, parenting and the workplace
  • develop your career

This is what we do.  Give people resilience in these situations.


Are you a high achiever?

This programme supports high achievers to cope with a multitude of diverse stresses, including:

  • high workloads, information overload, large responsibilities, decision making, multi tasking
  • complex group dynamics and conflicts
  • career path issues
  • business management challenges
  • pursuit of excellence

Develop your personality to its’ full potential. We help you build mental, emotional and physical skills.

Self help

We teach you to manage your own life with easy techniques to keep stress under control, stay mentally alert and emotionally balanced every day of your life.


Does the thought of doing a presentation, interview, exam or competition stress you?

We can eliminate the negative effects of stress and prepare you for peak performance.


Going through divorce, or have you been retrenched?  You can get relief and recover from acute stress and shock.

Or have you been involved in a major life event, such as motor vehicle or work related accidents? See how StressAce has given others a new life that they thought was beyond their reach.

Sports Performance Enhancement

We support a number of sporting disciplines to achieve improved performance and face the stress of competition.  We have solutions for athletes, equestrians, as well as golfers.

Improve your golf with a combination of StressAce sessions and expert golf coaching. With natural stress control, mental fitness, physical power and the solid golf skills your confidence will grow.


We give you permanent resilience to stress. We boost your drive to achieve your goals by releasing a life time of deep-seated chronic stress that is shutting down your brain’s higher intelligence centres.

Caring for body and mind

Use StressAce Yoga to relieve physical and mental tension and boost your immune system – rejuvenate your body and your mind.