Twelve steps to less stress now

 The basics

  • Go to bed in time to get three hours sleep
  • Eat three healthy meals every day – if you have no appetite make them small
  • Get 30 minutes of hard exercise per day

Be realistic

  • Set a small goal that you can achieve today
  • Be practical about how much you can get done in a day


  • Calm yourself down. Ask yourself, ‘What is really the worst that can happen?

Keep positive

  • Share a joke, see the funny side of things, feed your sense of humour.
  •  Postive self-talk  – Say something nice to yourself. Count your blessings., and recognise your own achievements. Think, ‘My best Is good enough’
  • Smile in the mirror, it’s good for you.

Treat yourself

  • Do something you love – happiness is your biggest antidote to stress
  • Use nature’s pharmacy – get a back rub, sunbake, walk in the bush, listen to soothing music, wear perfume, swim in the ocean

Meet your commitments

  • Keep up to date with the tasks. Once you do the tax, pay the bills and fill in the forms you realise the mountain is a molehill.

Invest in your relationships

  • Spend quality time with friends and family, because love and support lower stress

‘Are you still feeing stressed?’ 

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IMPORTANT: We recommend professional advice be sought to manage any type of stress.


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