Stress intelligence in the 21st century

What you should know about stress and how to use it intelligently

What is stress intelligence? Busting the stress myths

  • Why stress is bad for you and what to do about it
  • How to control stress, before it controls you
  • Make stress work for you with StressAce
  • What to do about stress
  • Why stress can kill friendships and relationships
  • How stress affects your relationships and what to do about it
  • How stress affects your mind, your performance and your health

Why StressAce is an essential life skill 


  • All about StressAce: why it works, how it works and how it works for your particular situation

Stress intelligence in the workplace

  • How to use stress intelligently
  • Why stress undermines work performance, health and the bottom line
  • How to harness good stress to motivate and inspire the team
  • Dealing with common and unusual stressors in the workplace
  • How stress affects work performance and workplace relationships

StressAce for good mental health

  • The role of affect regulation and dysregulation in mental health disorders
  • The value of stress reduction in the management of mental health disorders
  • The benefits of combining psychotherapy and sensory-motor interventions in the treatment of affect dysregulation
  • Why sensory-motor interventions can benefit mental health

Health wealth and happiness is all in the mind

  • How stress affects your health and what to do about it
  • Why stress reduction is essential for good mind health
  • Ageing, mind health and stress
  • How StressAce can support faster recovery
  • How StressAce can support weight loss
  • How StressAce can help you to stop smoking


  • How StressAce can be used for faster learning and better results
  • Why StressAce improves mental skills, such as comprehension, memory and communication
  • Why StressAce leads to a love of reading and better reading skills
  • Why StressAce improves writing speed, neatness and language expression
  • Techniques to avoid the negative effects of stress on learning


  • The six secrets: StressAce’s guarantee to improving performance
  • How to raise your stress tolerance to new heights and break through stress barriers to improve speed and coordination

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