Need to STOP stress now?

Step 1  Remove yourself from the stressful situation, if possible. Take a walk, go to a quiet spot, if that’s not possible go to step two or do any of the steps that feel comfortable.

Step 2  Make a positive decision.  Very very slowly say to yourself: “I want to calm down”, very slowly: “I am calm, when I am calm I can get a better result.”

Step 3  Centre yourself in your body and focus your mind totally on the following activity: Take a very slow deep breath in; while counting to three, then breathe out counting to four. Now place one hand on your chest and one hand on your bellybutton and breathe like this for about five minutes.


Step 4 Ground yourself in your body by focussing your whole mind totally on the following activity while sitting, standing or lying down:  Stretch both your arms, reaching as high as you can above your head, now stretch even further . ..  bit further. Then, stretch your legs pushing your heels out as far as you can. . .  bit further. Repeat each activity five to ten times. To conclude:  take a brisk walk for a few minutes out of the area you were in, even to another room, the stairwell or the bathroom.

Step 5  When the symptoms have eased you may feel ready to make a positive action plan keeping in mind your ideal outcome.

Are you still feeling stressed?

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IMPORTANT: We recommend professional advice be sought to manage any type of stress.


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