Michael Schauer

Clinical Psychologist

Michael completed his postgraduate studies in Clinical and Educational Psychology at the University of Freiburg/Germany in 1980.

Following years of travel as a backpacker he fell in love with Tropical North Queensland where he settled with his family in 1987. Michael has always been keen to find personal growth and looking for better and more effective ways to help clients on their personal journey.

For the last 7-8 years he has discovered ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) as a great tool to find greater fulfillment in one’s personal life.

Parandaman T.

Forensic Psychologist

M.Sc. Applied Forensic Psychology, University of Leicester, UK

Post Graduate Diploma: Aggression Management, Assessment & Therapy, University of Central Lancashire, UK

BA Psychology, Adam State College, UK

LMV- E Lead Therapist, National Health Systems Mersey Care, UK

MBPsS (272818) Forensic Div, UK

Parandaman is trained in forensic psychology and works as an interventionist forensic psychologist consulting and treating children (including children with intellectual disabilities) with psychological and mental health issues, such as depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, Conduct Disorder and Social Communication Disorders.

Within the forensic setting he is experienced in risk and needs assessments and psycho-diagnostic assessments. He evaluates children who exhibit maladaptive behaviours, such as pervasive anger, sexualized behaviours and stealing. He formulates and executes treatment plans and works in collaboration with psychiatrists where psycho-pharmacological treatment is indicated.

Parandaman has worked at The Centre for Addiction Recovery in Singapore (2010 – 2011) and has provided counselling and rehabilitation support for clients with addictions, including drug, alcohol, gambling, eating disorders and kleptomania. He also has experience in providing intensive individual psychotherapy using EMDR, Affect Regulation Therapy and CBT for patients with chronic alcohol and substance dependence issues.

He worked at Evergreen Place (2008-2010), a geriatric treatment centre in Singapore, as an associate psychologist primarily consulting to and treating patients who are frail and suffer from cognitive impairment such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

He is also trained in forensic interviewing of physically and sexually abused children, vulnerable adults and intellectually challenged children and adults. (Child Sexual Abuse Forensic Interviewing Certificate, Corner House, Minneapolis, 2012.) and provides this service on an ongoing basis to agencies.

Parandaman trained at University of Coventry, UK in risk and needs assessment tools, such as HCR – 20, SARA, J-SOAP II, “ERASOR”, “ARMIDILO” and PCLR VY and in cognitive and developmental psycho-diagnostic assessments of children and youths. He has experience in diagnosis of psychopathic characteristics in the mainstream as well as mid to low intellectual range pediatric population.

Parandaman is currently acting consultant to REDA, an organization dealing with at risk children and families, where he supervises a youth rehabilitation program targeting social problem behaviours within the Malay and Muslim community.

He is currently enrolled in a PhD Psychology program. His thesis topic is ‘Evaluating risk in relation to juvenile delinquency and future offending behaviour in children residing in secure facilities.’

He is also an off shore Clinical Supervisor for students enrolled in the Masters in Counselling at Monash University.

Since 2010 he has used A.R.T. as an effective intervention to treat trauma and acute stress in adults and children, chronic social behaviour problems, addictions and cognitive decline in the geriatric population.

Dr Martha Landman

Martha Landman completed her BA(SW)Hons in 1978 and BA(Hons)Psych in 1981.

She completed her Masters degree in Mental Health and her PhD at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Martha registered as a psychologist after she moved to Queensland, Australia in 2003. Her practice in mental health spans 35 years and for the past decade she has specialized in the psychological treatment of trauma.

Because of her special interest in trauma Martha has completed training in EMDR therapy, Brainspotting and Affect Regulation Therapy. Her expertise lies in the treatment of stress and trauma, working with police officers and soldiers, victims of any form of violence, workplace bullying, sexual abuse and attachment trauma. Apart from individual therapy, she conducts training for mental health professionals in Affect Regulation Therapy and StresssAce and delivers public seminars on StressAce and the management of depression and anxiety.

Martha is currently in private practice in Townsville, where she provides services for adults and families experiencing stress or who have survived trauma.


Jodie Main

Dr Jodie Main is a Health Psychologist living and working in North Auckland, New Zealand.. She has been involved in the field of health psychology for 15 years and is an experienced clinician, teacher and researcher. Jodie gained her PhD from the University of Auckland in 2009. She has taught students over a range of disciplines including Psychology, Medicine and Chiropractic.

Jodie was a participant in the first Affect Regulation Therapy Level one and Two training (the clinical mental health application of StressAce) for psychologists in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2010. Since that time she has utilised the techniques clinically to great effect and in particular, she has used this method successfully with clients with anxiety due to health trauma, PTSD from domestic abuse, and depression. Jodie conducts educational and personal development StressAce workshops in Auckland, NZ and her sound knowledge of psychology and practical experience in psychological intervention enable her to clearly communicate the key concepts of StressAce to both health professionals and laypersons.

Jodie currently divides her time between her psychology practice in Warkworth, offering StressAce consultations and workshops, and caring for her baby daughter Fern.

Yvonne Dobson

Counselling Psychologist (MA Counselling Psychology. U.P.E.)

Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree

Honours Degree in Psychology

Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology

Yvonne Dobson is a Counselling Psychologist with more than 23 years of work experience in the field of psychology, and 17 years in private practice.

She obtained a Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa in 1984,and an Honours Degree in Psychology, and Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology at the University of Port Elizabeth (U.P.E.), South Africa. Her Master’s thesis subject was: ‘A Factor Analysis of the Life Role Inventory.’

Her internship included 6 months at Student Counselling services at U.P.E., and 6 months at the university Child and Family clinic. The work entailed counselling students for a range of difficulties, child and family assessments, neurological assessments, assessments for ADHD and learning difficulties, and psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, children and families.

From 1990 till 1996 she worked in the Counselling Department of the Department of Labour and her work responsibilities entailed therapy and assessments for public service employees, career counselling (group workshops and individual), personnel selection and placement assessments, researching, designing and development of training programmes (e.g.: “Entrepreneurship”, “Career Counselling”, “Human Relations” and “Client Services”), as well as psycho-educational programmes (e.g. ‘Short Course in Basic Career Guidance Skills for Youth Workers), presentation and implementation of these programmes in the communities and within the public service, supervision and training: of youth workers, psych technicians, psychometrists and counsellers and other appropriate personnel within the government with regard to using and applying all psycho-educational programmes and with regard to test interpretation, selection and placement recommendations, report writing, acting manager of portfolios, e.g. ‘Bursaries for Disabled Persons’ and ‘Community Workshops for Youth Workers.’

Yvonne has been in private practice since 1994 focussing on scholastic assessments, neurological assessments, career counselling, and personnel selections for companies, individual and group trauma debriefing and psychotherapy with children, adolescents and adults.

For the past 10 years, Yvonne has worked mostly with adults, ranging from 17 years to 85 years working with a range of mental health conditions which includes: depression; anxiety (obsessions, compulsions, fears, etc.); addictions (relationships, sex, work, drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.); stress and adjustments to life changes (work/career, divorce, death, ‘mid-life crisis’, stress and burnout, etc.); abuse (sexual, physical, emotional); acute and chronic stress and trauma and relationship difficulties.

Yvonne also offers supervision to psychologists, provides an ongoing pro-bona service to the community, and previously provided voluntary assistance with supervision and debriefing for trauma counsellers who work in the community.

In 2007 Yvonne developed and ran personal growth groups which included teaching clients skills and techniques to release stress and enhance personality development.

Her therapeutic approach is eclectic and draws on Existentialism, Developmental psychology, Psychodynamic and Self-psychology, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Psychology, Transactional Analysis, Narrative Therapy, CBT and RET. Her professional development includes qualifying as a trained EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) practitioner, a certified Demartini facilitator and hypnotherapist.

Yvonne has a special interest in chronic trauma and has explored tools to assist clients with personality development and trauma release. For this purpose she is a certified A.R.T. practitioner using the technique effectively with clients experiencing aggression, depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, low self-esteem, and work-related difficulties.


Virginia de Souza

M.Soc.Sc. (Counselling)

Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy

Certificate in Analytical Psychology

Certified Solution Focused Therapist

Virginia de Souza completed her Masters degree in Social Science at the University of South Australia in 2003. Prior to this she completed a BA in Communication Management.

She is a registered counsellor and clinical supervisor with the Singapore Association for Counselling and she has been in practice in mental health settings for ten years. Prior to this Virginia had been in public relations and publication for 10 years.

She also has a Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy from IKON Institute in Perth, Australia and was awarded a Certificate in Analytical Psychology in 2003 after a three year course with the Australia-New Zealand Society of Jungian Analysis (ANZSJA). She is a Certified Solution Focused Therapist and a professional member of the Canadian Council of Professional Certification since 2006.

She has experience in working with clients of all ages, including children and the elderly. Her clinical experience spans across a range of mental health conditions. She has assisted clients with chronic stress, trauma, acute crises, major depression and anxiety, adjustment disorders and schizophrenia.

Virginia spent over six years at the National University of Singapore where she was senior counsellor and CARE manager leading the team in crisis intervention. At NUS she trained staff in crisis preparedness and basic counselling skills and developed customised crisis training material for NUS.

Currently Virginia is in private practice where she offers psychotherapy, customised training in various aspects of human development and clinical supervision.

She is also attached two days a week at Creative Hub, a community mental health centre of the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH), servicing beneficiaries of SAMH as well as referred and walk-in members of the public. She runs classes on Wednesday nights in guided imagery and mindfulness for the public.

Virginia’s special interest lies in educating Singaporeans in Mind-Body Wellness. Her therapy models span across psychodynamic, interpersonal and developmental psychology, accommodating her individual clients’ special needs.