How To Stop Stress
From Destroying Your Relationships

Free Mini-Seminar


21st April at 6.30PM for a 7PM start.

Finishes approx. 8.30PM


Sydney, The Awareness Institute,

1/20 Clarke Street, Crowsnest, Nsw, 2065



In this talk you will learn:

  • How stress makes us more disagreeable
  • Why stress release makes us more loving and loveable
  • How stress shuts down conversation and communication
  • Why stress release helps you get your message across

Stress can be so interwoven in relationships interaction, that it goes invisible, learn how you can recognise where stress takes hold in relationships. Anca shows you what you can do right away and what gets results. Don’t delay, take action and book for this talk, you will find helpful ideas that could make all the difference in your life right now.

For bookings please TEXT or CALL: +61 414 414 286


Anca Ramsden


How Your Mind Heals Itself: The Key To Natural Stress Control And Peace of Mind

About Anca Ramsden

Author: How Your Mind Heals Itself 

Anca Ramsden (HED,AIT, M.A. Clin Psych) has practiced as a clinical psychologist since 1981. She is the founder of StressAce, a unique method to develop natural stress control and resilience. She has helped adults achieve peak performance and overcome emotional, social, and learning barriers for over twenty years. Anca is in private practice, in Artarmon NSW, and conducts workshops and training for health professionals.

Any questions about this event please call Anca on: +61 414 414 286

For bookings please TEXT or CALL: +61 414 414 286