Meet Your Facilitators
Dr Ella MacDonald (Phd Psychology) is co-founder and lead trainer of StressAce Yoga. Yoga instructor since 2000, she currently teaches at the University of Memphis and Focus Healthcare of Tennessee, an eating disorders clinic. Expert in personal development for over 30 years, she enriches her students lives, sharing her knowledge as author, speaker, practitioner and trainer in wellbeing and healthcare.

Anca Ramsden (MA Clinical Psychology), psychologist since 1981 and founder of StressAce Yoga, developed StressAce, a body and mind technique to lower stress. As author, speaker and international trainer in StressAce in 5 countries, she empowers trainers, coaches and healthcare workers in their professional and personal lives.

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11/1/2014 2-5pm 699 Oakleaf Office Lane, Suite 106, Memphis, Tennessee 38117 FREE
11/7/2014 2-5pm 699 Oakleaf Office Lane, Suite 106, Memphis, Tennessee 38117 FREE
11/14/2014 2-5pm 699 Oakleaf Office Lane, Suite 106, Memphis, Tennessee 38117 FREE
StressAce Yoga

From many decades in healthcare Ella brings her wealth of knowledge to share StressAce Yoga with you. Join us on this journey to discover how StressAce Yoga was conceived from traditional yoga and a neuroscience base. The focus is on your own experience of the unique benefits of gentle stress release with a groundbreaking method.

Who is this Event for?

This event is for qualified yoga instructors, wishing to gain an indepth understanding of the impacts of yoga on the nervous system and wanting to add new skills to their existing practice.

Why You Should Come?
Your students will report life changing benefits from StressAce Yoga and will show more commitment to their yoga practice.
Make your teaching practice more fulfilling.
Discover how life is easier after stress release.
What is the Agenda?
Enjoy the experience of StressAce Yoga for yourself
Discover the benefits for your students
Find out how this unique yoga works
Training pathway for licensed StressAce Yoga instructors
What Others Say?
“I enjoy the new learning and teaching of StressAce Yoga. There is no mystery about how and why it works. It is all explained very simply and it is easy to understand. I never thought I could do yoga and yet here I am doing it and I feel great.” —Brenda Kelley “I have practiced yoga and meditation most of my adult life and they all are good, but if I stop practicing the stress comes back. Stress Ace Yoga is different – it calms me and I stay in that peaceful place. It builds up a savings account and I’m always able to draw on my reserves for life’s daily struggles.” —Fiona Kris
“My experience with StressAce Yoga class has been enlightening. I feel free, strong and energized after class. I see the difference in my facial appearance. It clears my mind and makes me feel like I can survive whatever comes my way. It is nurturing to my whole spirit, it is a great experience and I am thankful for this class.” —B. J. “StressAce Yoga has helped me release old patterns of depression and low back pain.” —Julie Ames