Meet Your Facilitator
Anca Ramsden (MA Clinical Psychology), psychologist and founder of StressAce, developed this holistic technique to help her clients release stress and increase resilience. Based on her experience as a child psychologist, StressAce has its’ origins in developmental psychology and lead to her discovery of a five stage healing process and stress intelligence. As author, speaker and international trainer in five countries, she empowers coaches and healthcare professionals in their careers and personal lives.
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9.30am – 1pm
Sydney, The Awareness Institute, 1/20 Clarke Street, Crowsnest, Nsw ,2065 FREE
REVEALED: The Top Secret Tool behind International Psychologists

Until now, StressAce has been kept behind closed doors and only discussed amongst the psychological communities. For the first time ever, Anca Ramsden, MA, reveals the #1 accreditation psychologists seek today and is sharing it with you at this invite-only Stress-Ace Presentation.

To access the Stress Ace technique in pure form, psychologists must spend minimum 6 years in training to qualify for this creditation. Learn how you too can have access to the Stress Ace application for your coaching clients.

Anca shares this application and by the end of the seminar, you will appreciate the power of this application by just spending 90 minutes with Anca. Seats are very limited, so make sure you register now.

Who is this Event for?

Coaches, counsellers, psychotherapists, and health practitioners. Take the first step in earning your LSA, the revolutionary accreditation used by Psychologists, Master NLP Practitioners, and Hypnotherapists.

Why You Should Come?
1 Begin Your LSA Coaching Accreditation (in less than 90 minutes).
2 Unleash the Referral Tool used by psychologists today, creating loyal, high return clients.
3 How to Re-Wire Your Client’s Brain in 60 minutes or less.
4 Gain Access to the Top 2 Triggers to Accelerated Progress.
5 See how to work with high-level clients.
What is the Agenda?
Meet & Greet with Anca
Why Stress Ace and Accelerated Progress are required in working with clients today
Experiment with Stress Ace on Yourself
Get Your Accreditation
What Others Say?
“Complements the talking of psychotherapy very well, and I am amazed to see what deep places it can take my clients to’. Ruth Mather, Psychotherapist, New Zealand.” —Ruth Mather, Psychotherapist, New Zealand “Gives me the missing link I have been looking for in psychology.” —Helen Tsamoulos, Psychologist, Sydney, Australia
“You see positive change immediately, the transformation is amazing. This is my preferred treatment.” —Parandaman.Thechanamurthi Psychologist, Singapore “Makes you calm and mindful, its’ very effective for anxiety. I love using this method and I love what it does for my practice.” —Jackie Young, Psychotherapist / Educator, Auckland, New Zealand

“In a nutshell I would say I feel a lot more content with my life. I’m able to achieve a lot more in a less stressed way. I catch myself thinking ‘Oh, I feel quite happy,” which is terrific.

I feel I respond to situations rather than react. I feel a lot more responsible for my own actions and I apologise when necessary. With my husband our relationship has improved out of sight.” —June Smith (client identity protected)

“The difference is phenomenal in terms of every aspect of my life, it is easier now, I have more energy, more focus, I’m more conversational with other people, more willing to take on board other people’s opinions. It has been an overwhelming and exciting experience to feel my passion for life come back.

There’s definitely a clarity of thought that I didn’t have before. I get to sleep better. I’ve probably never been physically fitter in my whole life than I am now, as well as mentally. And I am happy, there is more purpose in my life, I feel very good about myself.” —Josh Lowe (client identity protected)